Max here! I made a blog! You may remember me as a sports anchor on the radio. Maybe you don’t! Either way, I have now taken my talents to the interwebs…the place where the intellectuals of our day have come to wax poetic on things they are passionate about. Or in the case of social media, it’s the place where your friends and family go to ruin the relationships they’ve spent years building because they disagree on what color they thought that dress was.

Given my background, you can assume correctly that sports will be a subject covered regularly in this space. In an effort to prove I’m not a one-trick pony, this blog will also be dedicated to coverage of literally anything and everything that inspires me to write words. And I know words, I have the best words.

Click the “Blog” link above and dive into my brain! But beware, it can be a scary place. Parental discretion is advised…mostly because I will be using swear words gratuitously…bitches.